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One Bite CGI Food Reel 2021 (0-00-32-06).jpg

a food appeal stock video blitzkrieg

Food_Reel_2021_v02 (0-00-09-05).jpg

The pain:

Food appeal videos are expensive to produce


Avg. Stock footage = 50$-499$ per shot


Artlist = 299$-599$ (annually) & lacks the focus advantage


No customization options

One Bite CGI Food Reel 2021 (0-00-01-180).jpg

The solution:

Ultra realistic CGI* table-top platform

driven by a food-specific targeted site

(CGI - Computer Generated Imagery)

One Bite CGI Food Reel 2021 (0-00-09-22).jpg

The pros:

Scaleable & low cost

CGI setups can produce virtually unlimited shots

User customizable

Camera, lighting, plating and backdrops - all can be customized

Laser focused

One Bite CGI Food Reel 2021 (0-00-03-029).jpg

The Cons:

CGI isn’t cost-effective for every kind of shot


we can flatten this via shot-based partnerships with leading table-top DOPs*



(DOP - Director of photography)

One Bite CGI Food Reel 2021 (0-00-03-0229).jpg

Basic math.

A food focused site - 88$ (annually) subscription

Personalized content premiums - 8$ per shot

B2B customisations -188$ (similar to Wix’s experts)

Automated food videos templates - 48$ per 30’ video

Food_Reel_2021_v02 (0-00-00-08).jpg

More math:

Artlist currently has 1Mil+ users

3.5% = $3.1m per year (basic users)

0.75% = $1.2m per year (premium users)


The bigger vision. - Everything cars - Interior design videos - Consumer electronics - Virtual landscapes

Food_Reel_2021_v02 (0-00-01-05).jpg

Who's leading?

Yaron Yashinski - award winning visual effects designer and director. Creative directed & VFX supervised videos for Beyoncé, Coldplay, Sony, Pepsi & Netflix.


Led the following projects:

“The big picture” - Live interactivity for pre-recorded TV shows (Format was acquired by Talpa Networks in 2015)

2025 motion-capture robotic assistants for Keshet (2018)

Rafael’s interactive real-time platform for (2020)

Click for more info

One Bite CGI Food Reel 2021 (0-00-07-21).jpg

OK, how much?

$500K Building the CGI food platform

$250K website & server

150K - hardware/software, legal and space

$300K marketing


Total of $1.2 Mil Seed.

Food_Reel_2021_v02 (0-00-0222-08).jpg

A 12 months ninja:

Building CGI assets & renders - reaching approx 4000 shots.

(on going)

Video partners 500-1000 shots (on going) site

(4 months for Gen1)

Igniting marketing (In 8-10 months)

One Bite CGI Food Reel 2021 (0-00-40-2211).jpg

Ending with a game:

Only three of the food images in this presentation are REAL Can you tell which is which?

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